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Emma Rönnholm & Salla Vapaavuori

Emma Rönnholm’s and Salla Vapaavuori’s work is a collaborative photographic collage. Viewers can contribute to the piece by taking a picture of the location marked on the map, the Lillmärsan swimming pier, and sending it in. Using these pictures the artists puzzle together a gradually developing landscape. Participation in the artwork happens through the linked form, where you can also see the collage in its current state. The aim is to capture a particular view in an all-inclusive way – in different times and through different pairs of eyes. The artists are interested in how the personal can become collective and in the impossibility of accurately describing the surrounding reality and our own experiences of it.

Emma Rönnholm and Salla Vapaavuori (born 1984) are Helsinki based artists working both alone and collaboratively. Their joint projects are often holistic and site specific installations. They are interested in the ability of art to provoke unexpected encounters and new ideas. Their collaborations include for example a room made of crisp bread, a class photo spanning many generations and a wildly blooming negotiation table. Their artworks examine small and big societal phenomena through surrealistic glasses., 

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