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Ida Koitila

The work Mooring consists of a rope which has been used to tie a ship to the peer. The rope has hundreds of hair braids clinging to it as well as an orange life jacket. On the front of the jacket a burning heart has been embroidered. Around its center hangs a crown of thorns that has made the blood of the heart drip.

The braid is a way of attaching, organising and controlling the uncontrollable. One end of the rope is about to unravel and the other end has been bent as a noose. The central theme of the work is the balance between control and freedom, linked to both metaphysical reality and religion.

Material: Rope, synthetic hair, life vest, embroidery, steel.

Size W: 30 cm H: 28 cm L: 560 cm

Photos: Sandra Kantanen

By combining different visual languages, techniques and materials Koitila constructs multilayered narrations that oscillate between the ordinary and the exceptional, the personal and the public, the small and the large. Central themes are the human biological, intellectual and cultural evolution as well as metaphysical and religious phenomenons.

Ida Koitila (b.1983 Borås, Sweden) lives and works in Hanko. Since completing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, she has had several solo exhibitions and actively participated in group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Koitila’s latest solo exhibition was shown at Sinne in Helsinki 2019. She is currently working on a public art work for the culture center New Fokus in Karjaa. She is also currently exhibiting her sculpture Earth (2017) for the fourth summer in a row at Skulptur in Pilane, Sweden. The work is now also owned by Pilane Heritage Museum.

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