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Discussion at the water`s edge

Liisa Hilasvuori

Liisa Hilasvuori has carved pine sculptures to be placed on the tough, twisted trunks of trees in the rocks by the shore. `Discussion at the water’s edge´ is a series of sculptured beaks of the birds living on the shore. They show how the beaks have adapted to the living styles of birds in that habitat. The installation draws attention to the messages of the birds. According to current knowledge birds’ sounds are the nearest equivalent to human speech and it is possible to distinguish parts comparable to words. The installation includes stories written by Liisa Hilasvuori that can be listened to on the Harha app.

Material: pine (2021)

Photos: Sandra Kantanen

Liisa Hilasvuori’s (born 1981) art works include installations, ceramic sculptures and spatial drawings. Sound and light as part of the art works intensifies the atmosphere and emphasizes the moment. She has also held performances reading her own writings. The works are often about the relationship between people, animals and all living nature. In her installations she often shows traces of human activity in nature and decay in man-made structures. She often comes back to themes of weightlessness and distortions of scale. She has had exhibitions among others at the Gallery Mältinranta in Tampere 2020, Muu Kaapeli Gallery in Helsinki in 2018 and at the Gallery Sculptor in 2017. Liisa Hilasvuori is also in the Artists’ Association Muu writing group. As part of artists’ group Piirakkakerho she organises community art events and interventions providing imaginative spaces for creative and whimsical fun-making challenging the notion of a lonely artist and the idea of disconnection between audience and artist. Often the collective element is the offering of food. The latest event was a week-long happening `Unipulla´ in Gallery Forum Box in Helsinki in 2020.

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